Enjoy a beautiful Pacific Northwest Road Trip as The International Selkirk Loop tour takes you to charming small communities. You’re invited to sit, relax and visit with the local residents. Experience the inland northwest’s scenic and cultural treasures spanning lakes, mountains and wildlife from the U.S. and Canada.

There are over 75 small communities in this Rocky Mountain Byway, the largest of which are Nelson, BC with 9,500 residents and Sandpoint, ID with 7,500 residents. The remainder of the communities vary in size from a few hundred folks to several thousand.

You’ll discover small town charm, vibrant shopping, historic districts, festivals, events, farmers markets and much more.

There are several communities that have been awarded top “Small Arts Communities” by their respective countries such as Kaslo, BC, Nelson, BC, Sandpoint, ID and Metaline Falls, WA.

There are also some that have been the backdrop for popular movies such as Roxanne starring Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah shot in Nelson, BC, The River Wild starring Merril Streep and Kevin Bacon between Troy & Libby, MT at Kootenai Falls along the Kootenai River, and The Postman starring Kevin Costner shot in Metaline Falls, WA.