You’ll marvel at the abundant wildlife to be seen as you explore the Selkirk Loop Region. Common sightings of white tail deer, elk, moose and the occasional black bear can be expected especially at dawn and dusk. Present but very rare to see are wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines, and woodland caribou. Let us know if you are fortunate enough to spot one of these. An excellent place to spot deer and moose and an abundance of waterfowl is the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge 5 miles west of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The moose in the photo were spotted at this refuge. The Creston Valley Wildlife Area in British Columbia and the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge in Washington are also great places to take the family to learn about the local wildlife. Hiking trails, photo blinds and auto tours are available. The Creston Wildlife Area offers guided canoe tours in the summer through the marshes for an excellent way to spot wildlife.