hopeoverpassWelcome to Hope, Idaho, a piece of paradise located on the northeast shore of majestic Lake Pend Oreille and smack dab in the middle of the Pend Oreille National Scenic Byway! There is ample opportunities to pull off, enjoy the scenery, learn about the local geology, wildlife and the story of the historic Missoula Flood whose waters scoured the landscape clear to the Oregon coast. We guarantee an unbeatable experience with some of the best sights on The Loop.

From Lake Pend Oreille and the Pack River, the views into the mountain wilderness will leave you breathless!! Fantastic fishing, wildlife and waterfowl viewing, hunting, hiking, boating, winter sports and other endless recreational opportunities abound. Services include marinas, RV parks, motels, lake front resorts, superb dining, gift shops, art galleries and much more. Just follow the Pend Oreille National Scenic Byway and you’ll see the majestic views of the Green Monarchs towering out of the lake — a sight not to be forgotten.

There is an excellent USFS public campground called “Sam Owen” on the Hope Peninsula (This campground will be closed until mid-July, 2009 for upgrades).  Beyond Hope continue on eastward and follow the International Selkirk Loop’s Lake Pend Oreille-Kootenai River Super Side Trip that will take you into Montana and return you back onto the main Loop route at Bonners Ferry, a total of 110 miles.

Visit the Hope, Clark Fork, Trestle Creek Chamber of Commerce in Clark Fork for more area information.