Top 10 Drives in the Northern Rockies

top10-logoThe Top 10 Destinations includes 4- All American Roads, 15 national parks and the scenic byways and historic trails connecting them in a 5 state / 2 province region. It’s the ultimate Rocky Mountain Adventure.The International Selkirk Loop is one of those top ten destinations.

Why is the International Selkirk Loop one of the top destinations for vacation travel? You’ll be awestruck by the scenic vistas, the extraordinary wildlife, the colorful small towns and the quiet peaceful places you’ll discover. There are others that have already sung the praises of this regional treasure such as Rand McNally Road Atlas citing the International Selkirk Loop as one of their “Top 5 Best of the Roads”; AAA Tour Guides saying that this drive is a “gem drive – a must see destination” and Sunset Magazine exclaiming that the International Selkirk Loop is “The West’s Best Scenic Drive”.

When you are visiting in the northern Idaho, eastern Washington and southern British Columbia region plan on expanding your horizons to visit a few of the other top destinations which are part of the Top-10.  One of them is the Hot Springs Circle Tour in British Columbia.  This 500 mi / 804.7 km tour partly overlays the British Columbia section of the International Selkirk Loop and is an excellent extension to your vacation if time allows. The Montana Scenic Loop is only 4 hours travel via Hwy 2 east fromBonners Ferry, Idaho, which is the most northern town in Idaho on the International Selkirk Loop.  The Montana Scenic Loop includes Glacier National Park and is 400 mi / 643.7 km long. Just 3.5 hours south of Sandpoint, Idaho via Hwy 95 is another Top-10 All-American Road, the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway where you can travel in the traces of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and is 202 mi / 325 km in length.

To get immersed in the history of the region follow the David Thompson Historic Trail.  Follow in his footsteps along this trail.  He worked for the Hudson Bay and Northwest fur trading companies starting in 1784 as a 14-year old.  He was the first white man to map the International Selkirk Loop region from eastern Canada in 1808-12 in an attempt to discover a fur trading route to the Pacific.  He finally succeeded, arriving in Astoria, Oregon in 1811.  Stop in at the Bonner County Museum in Sandpoint, ID or the Touchstones Museum in Nelson, BC to learn more about this important historical figure.

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