Mountain_Biker_Doug_PyperThe unincorporated village of Winlaw, 12 mi / 20 km north of the junction of Highway 3A and 12 mi / 19 km south of the Village of Slocan City, is probably the funkiest little town in the valley. Winlaw is on the North Kootenay Lake – Silvery Slocan Super Side Trip of the International Selkirk Loop. Winlaw is also the start of an event called “Shreddin’ the Loop,” an annual mountain bike race.  There is also the nearby Slocan Valley Rail Trail, covering 50 km starting from Slocan City to the Junction of Hwy 6 / 3A which can be accessed nearby.

Winlaw was named after John B. Winlaw, who built a sawmill here around 1900. Like other communities in the valley, this was a railway siding. Those rather traditional roots have nourished an eclectic community, which celebrates its diverse lifestyles and ways of thinking and being. There are interesting little shops and hidden galleries to explore. There are numerous small farming operations and a fruit and vegetable stand. You’ll notice that Winlaw is a rainbow of people, styles, hair, vehicles and lifestyles.

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