Riondel_golfThe town of Riondel is perhaps one of the oldest settlements on Kootenay Lake. Drawn to the outcropping by the aboriginals who came to gather the lead rich galena from a large outcropping of rock. Coveted for its rich silver, zinc and lead, the galena was fought over and led to a claim jumping, murder and hanging before settling down to become the mining center for Kootenay Lake. The Bluebell Mine, named after the flowers which still grown there, was to become the longest running mine in British Columbia, with shafts running for miles underground and under the lake. Visitors to the picturesque village of Riondel, with its spectacular views of Kootenay Lake, the Kokanee Glacier and nearby mountains, can follow the walkway that winds through the former Bluebell Mine site.

Riondel is 8 miles / 13 km north of the Kootenay Bay ferry landing. With its mining days well behind it, Riondel is now a idyllic village with a lakeshore campground, large sandy beach, marina, store, cafe, pub, golf course and clinic.